About Us

Intercoms Johannesburg about us:

Intercoms Johannesburg have over a decade of experience when it comes to anything and everything about Intercom systems, seventeen years to be exact. Our company sells the products if you would like to do the installation yourself , or we also have a team of technicians that come out and do the installation for you.

We have a vast range of intercom systems and we are available 24 hours a day ,six days a week to advise you, quote you, deliver the products to you and to send our technicians to you. Sometimes figuring out what kind of intercom you need can be a bit tricky, and with so many brands and products out there it can begin to get a bit confusing. Our friendly, patient staff are here and are always willing to help you. No question is ever too big or too small, and no question is ever viewed as irrelevant.

Intercoms serve many purposes ,and can be vital to one’s daily life. A huge factor of  intercom services is safety and security. An intercom can be used to make sure that before you open your gate ,you know exactly who you are letting in, and you can do this without the risk of going outside directly to your gate.

An intercom can also be used to communicate with  people in different areas of a large property. For example in a hotel intercoms can be set up all over so that the person at the front desk can get hold of the cleaning service or the kitchen staff or the manager without having to move a muscle, which in turn looks more professional to your clients and saves the staff a ton of time that could be wasted by running up and down from person to person.

Our company offers our clients the options of wireless intercoms, wired intercoms, video intercoms and two way radios.