Intercoms- FAQ:

● I want to have intercoms installed. Would you say that wireless ones are better?
The installation of a wireless intercom system is definitely much more simpler and less of a hassle. It’s quicker and easier. Having a wireless intercom will also make it much more efficient for the users. Portable handsets come with the intercoms so that you can answer the call on the intercom from anywhere.

● Is a wire free outdoor intercom used the same way as a portable intercom?
Definitely. The outdoor intercom can be put as well as used absolutely anywhere. The only thing with an outdoor wireless intercom is that it only has one channel. It also does not have any extra features. It is basically only used to make a call and to hear a call. It is a very simple intercom system.

● When looking for an outdoor wireless intercom I have only come across two packs. Can I not just buy one?
Unfortunately not, all our outdoor wireless intercoms come as a twin pack. If both are not needed outdoors, you can always have the one installed indoors perhaps by your front door or in your office.

● I have my old wiring system. Is it possible to use it for the new intercom installation?
When a member of our team comes to install the new intercom they will inspect the old wiring and determine if it can be used. In most cases we have found that your old wiring system will indeed work.

● I have a certain budget to stick to for the intercoms I need to buy. Do you think you will be able to find an intercom system to accommodate my budget?
Give us a call and we will go over the different intercom systems that best suit your needs and figure out which one will best suit your budget.