Intercoms- Testimonials:

  • “ Thank you for being so patient and helpful. I really appreciate it. Before speaking to one of your technicians I had no clue about intercoms and which one would best suit my needs. All that I knew is that I needed one as I have now converted the cottage on the back of my property into my office and it was too far away from the gate to hear when my clients have arrived.” – Chris, Rouville.
  • “My husband and I are so impressed with your service. It is speedy, well organised and the intercoms we got work so well. We called you and the next day bright and early we had a technician at our door doing the installation. Highly impressed with your company!” – Linda, Norwood.
  • “ I am over the moon with your vast range of products. It made choosing the perfect intercom system so easy. I had some hesitations before I called as I thought I would of been one of those incredibly difficult and demanding clients with tons and tons of questions, but instead I browsed your website, where all the information about your intercoms is described in easy layman’s terms making it so easy to understand and made one quick call and got all the clarity I needed, got my quote and just like that I had put in my order. So easy! So simple! – Don, Irene.
  • “Impeccable service guys! We had a bunch of video intercoms installed all over the property and it has upped our security and safety a ton! After a recent break in , I now feel a whole lot safer and it’s all thanks to you guys! It also didn’t cost and arm and a leg which was a bonus!” – Kate- Orange Grove.