Tips on installing a wired intercom system

  • The first step to installing your new wired intercom system is finding a location for the master station box to be installed. Make all the necessary measurements you will need for the cutting of the opening for the master box, Drill four holes in the wall of your accurate measurements, then use a saw to cut out the hole for the master station. Then put the box aside until you are done with the wiring.
  • Always follow all the instructions in the information leaflet that has been provided to you. If you defer from the leaflet ,chances are you will miss something , even if it is something slight, it could still have a massive effect on the outcome of your installation.
  • You want to preserve the beauty of your property so make sure you work neatly and make sure all the wires are not visible. A neat installation is a job well done.
  • When installing the substations, always make sure to connect all three wires at each substation and to make sure you follow the wire colours and no not get the wires mixed up. Always be sure that when installing the substations that the master station is disconnected.
  • You need to attach the substation wire and the power line wires to the master station in alliance to the markings on the master station’s ultimate connections.
  • If your master station is battery operated then always make sure to put fresh batteries in upon installation and also to always check the batteries on a regular basis and do not forget to replace them.